1 Tin Devon Corned Beef ,

1 Tin Daisy Chicken Luncheon Meat,

1 Tin Brunswick Tuna Oil  Chunk In Oil ,

1 Tin Grace Shredded Light Tuna In Vegetable Oil,

1 Tin Eve Chicken Vinenna Sausages,

2 Tin Grace Vienna Chicken Sausages,

1 Tin Dak Pork Luncheon Meat,

1 Tin Eve Mixed Vegetables,

1 Tin Goya Whole Kernel Golden Corn,

1 Tin Goya Dry Pigeon Peas,

2 Tin Grace Sardines in Vegetale Oil,

1 Swiss Crunchy Peanut Butter,

1 Bottle Swiss Prepared Mustard,

1  Bottle Simply Natural Coconut Oil,

1 Bowl of Butter,

1 Spouch of Swiss Ketchup,

1 Spouch of Original  Swiss Real Mayonnaise 

1 Spouch Nestle Milo,

1 Box Nestle Full Cream Milk ,

2 Packs  Premium Quality Concordia Pasta (Elbow)

3 Kent Instant Noodles (Ramen) Chicken,Beef,Vegetable Flavour,

2 LBS Flour(Baker's Flour ECGC ),

2 LBS Rice,

2 LBS Brown Sugar,

1 Box Cream Of Wheat Instant Hot Ceral Original Flavour,

1 Box Of Best Value Mac & Cheese,

1 Pack Of Crix Original,

1 Pack Chief Cook-Up Seasoning,

1 Pack Karibbean Flavours Coconut Milk Powder, 

1 Bottle Karibbean Flavours Pure white Vingear ,

1 Box Of Three Plumes Matches,

1 Box Of SunShine Cereals Corn Flakes,

2 Bars Of Dalan Cocoa Butter Cream Soap,

2 Soft Weave Bathroom Tissue,

1  Bottle of Mon Bijou Concentraded,

1 Bottle of Sqezy Lime, 

1 Bottle of Fabulose Passion Friut,

1 Can Bop Insecticide Spray,

1 Can Fresh Air Scents  Air Freshener Cherry Blossom,

2 Packs of America Fresh Breeze,

Value Pack 2